Friday, March 2, 2018

New Beginnings for GE

I am not a financial adviser and am essentially ignorant of stocks.  I am a professional "psychic" who reads Tarot cards in order to advise my clients, who include CEOs of some big companies, about their personal and business prospects.  The stock market is a new experiment for me.  I originally wrote this blog article for Seeking Alpha, who rejected it on the basis that it is "not relevant to finance and investing" and "not suitable for our audience."

About a year ago, at the recommendation of a friend, I began to explore the stock market using psychic predictions.  Although I did not have specific percentages, at the end of the year my predictions were overall correct in terms of rise or fall of a few stocks. 

Encouraged, I decided to pursue it further, although I felt uneasy because I normally use my empathic skills to tune in to my clients, and found it difficult to "connect" with a faceless corporation.  I need a voice or a face.

My friend provided me with a photo of John Flannery, who became my first test subject for this new approach a month ago.  Focusing on the photo, I pretended that Mr. Flannery was one of my psychic clients calling to ask me about the future of his business.  I placed the Tarot cards and they said he is a smart man, motivated, knows what he is doing.  The cards showed big personnel changes.  They also showed technological advances which would be profitable.  They showed short-term loss, with recovery by the end of the year.

I have done another Tarot reading today which reveals:  First card, the High Priestess, which usually refers to spirituality and God hearing our prayers.  I was puzzled as to what this could mean in a business context.  Googled Mr. Flannery's religion and found nothing.  However, further search indicated, "He says he is 'looking for the soul of the company again.'”  Ah yes, that fits!  And Flannery as Knight of Pentacles is in the beginning stages of accomplishing this.  He has the sincerity, will, hard work, motivation and focus.

Conflict in the foundation, and a dark cloud hangs over the company.  The previously shown personnel changes continue into the near future, with people being literally flung out the windows of corporate headquarters.  The cards show the Empress, a powerful woman, joining the company by summer, maybe to replace Beth Comstock, or maybe another board member.
The cards refer to advances in marine technology as a key turnaround in profits.  Auto technology is also featured, possibly related to breathalyzer equipment or enhanced safety using digital guidance and/or autonomous vehicles.  Some new product is available by Christmas.  The outcome of the reading is new beginnings and better teamwork, with significant recovery by the end of this year or early 2019. 

As stated previously, I am ignorant of stocks, but the one thing I do know is:  "Buy low, sell high."  GE is pretty darn low right now, and under the guidance of Mr. Flannery and the mysterious Empress, I predict it will improve significantly by the end of the year, at least to $20 if not more.