Saturday, November 8, 2014

Reviews from Spiritual Direction, Counseling and Psychic Clients

Several clients have offered to give reviews on my services in Spiritual Direction, Ministerial Counseling and Psychic Readings.  So, here is a venue where you can do that!  Feel free to use the Comments section, below.  Your feedback is appreciated.

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  1. Jamie is a wonderful counselor. I'm glad to have had her insight on many different things, more recently on some personal issues that I've discussed with her, and also other life topics discussed in a public forum. What she has to share is very honest and genuine, coming from experience, and I feel there is much enlightened wisdom in the advice she's given me and others. I am always blown away by the depth of her realness, compassion, and knowledge. I've requested two psychic readings with her and have found that she is certainly very good at what she does. They've been very helpful, accurate, and much appreciated. She does an amazing job at combining her skills as a counselor and a psychic, allowing her to give very sound advice. I feel very fortunate to have had the chance to speak with her and get to know her astounding authenticity. I wanted to share this review because Jamie has much to offer, and hope that others may also find value in the help she can give them.

    Much Love!